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Mr. Randy Jones has amassed more than twenty years in the security industry. He has acted as Director of Security for a well-known entertainment corporation since 1994 and has freelanced extensively. During this time, Mr. Jones has had vast experience working with various celebrities including actors, musicians, athletes, and television personalities. In his work, he has been head of tour security during which he has been responsible for advancing venues and hotels via telephone and on on-site walk-throughs as well as site surveys. He also conducted security evaluations of tour and house crew members, equipment inspections, and briefings for any venue "house security."

These assignments have allowed Mr. Jones to build experience across the United States, Canada, and Mexico as well as many other foreign countries throughout Europe, South America, Australia, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. In addition, Mr. Jones has assisted clients with designing and evaluating residential security systems. He has been in charge of securing clients by advancing functions, conducting "dry-runs" of transportation and movement, evaluation access routes, communicating with VIP services, and overseeing all aspects of personal security.

Mr. Jones attended West Los Angeles College studying Fire Science and Criminal Justice. He also served four years on the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department Crime Prevention Unit as part of the Sheriff's Awareness Program. Above all, Mr. Jones's ultimate objective has always been and remains to collaborate with management and staff to achieve the client/principle's optimal goal.


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