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Highlight_02.pngOver the past few years, with the increase of terrorism, and economic unrest, there has never been more of a need for security than now.

SEC WORLDWIDE has kept pace with the resulting increased necessity for celebrity and executive protection, with offices around the United States, in metropolitan cities such as Orlando, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Washington, DC. in addition to London and ties to other cities in Europe.


SEC WORLDWIDE is based in Orlando, Florida. With over 35 years of combined security experience, including U.S. Military, Israeli Military and other security training, the members of the SEC WORLDWIDE team, understand well the unique and confidential needs of the Entertainment Industry Professional and Corporate Executives, and are dedicated to meeting those needs.


SEC Worldwide covers all aspects of the Industry, including sports, music, fashion, and film. We provide a wide variety of services, starting with consultation, background checks, VIP escorts, venue advance, hotel advance, and airport transfers. SEC will assist clients with all travel and accomodation needs as requested.


Justin Timberlake


Britney Spears

Backstreet Boys

Elton John

Celine Dion

The Fugees

New Kids on the Block

NFL Alumni Association

Miss World Pageant

1996 Olympics

International Politians

Fashion Industry

PGA Golfers

NBA Players

Celebrity Charity Events

Offering training classes for security professionals, United Security Training Academy trains in modern techniques as well as in the Israeli style of Krav Maga.



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If you are looking for a career in security, join our staff of highly trained professionals at IsraGuard and become part of a team that is at the top of their profession.


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For all of your business and personal security needs, contact IsraGuard today to schedule an appointment for your security consultation.


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