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Israguard is a unique company specializing in personal security and executive protection for high-profile celebrities and corporate executives.

Forge your resilience. Master your environment. Protect what matters most.

Israguard isn't just a security company, it's a lineage of excellence. Our founders, forged in Israeli special forces with elite training, bring unparalleled expertise to the world of personal safety and executive protection. We safeguard high-profile figures, but our commitment extends far beyond.

Empowering everyday heroes: United Security Training Academy, Israguard's training arm, is where everyday citizens become extraordinary. Adults, women, and children learn the acclaimed Krav Maga self-defense system, honed for real-world effectiveness. We don't just teach techniques, we build confidence, situational awareness, and the power to overcome any challenge.

Beyond Nevada, beyond borders: Our expertise transcends borders. We train military and law enforcement personnel not only in Nevada but across the globe, sharing our hard-won knowledge to make the world a safer place.

Israguard: It's not just security, it's empowerment. It's legacy. It's you, unleashed.

Let’s Work Together

120 E Bruner Ave Unit 170 Las Vegas, NV 89183

Tel: 850-625-3900

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