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IsraGuard Security U.S. is a global leader in security, personal protection, canine services, and training courses for individuals as well as business assets. Our international experience and staff of highly-trained professionals enables us to support a wide variety of clients including executives, celebrities, corporations, and communities. Our U.S. offices are located in Orlando as well as our headquarters in Las Vegas NV.


Our company was founded from a group of seasoned security experts that share a wealth of experience in all aspects of security and personal protection. We specialize in providing a high-level and comprehensive security plan for your needs. Let our world-class expertise and extensive background help to ensure your protection.




Mr Benabou's distinguished experience includes a career that spans over 22 years in the security industry. Some of his unique background specialties include being a former member of IDF and Israel Security Forces, a Executive Protection Specialist, and a Security Consultant and Security Specialist.


Mr Benabou also has worked to provide operational and management security expertise internationally, including the U.K., France, Spain, Israel and the United States. He also owns thriving security companies in Israel and the U.K. and is a security consultant to Israeli Government agencies and world wide hotel chains such as the Radisson SAS International, Hilton Hotels, Sir Rocco Hotels, and Park Inn Hotels (U.K. and Ireland).

Moshe Benabou



Steve Ketter is a 30-year veteran in the Investigation and Executive Protection industry. He has taken classes through EPI and KDI, trained with a former Secret Service agent, and handled over 390 individual protective assignments both internationally and domestically.


In addition to being a contractor for major EP firms since 1998, he is currently on the protection travel team for an internationally known music group. He handled protective assignments for the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City and worked with clients over the course of 23 years at the Sundance Film Festival.

Steve Ketter

Executive Protection

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For all of your business and personal security needs, contact IsraGuard today to schedule an appointment for your security consultation.

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